Friday, 22 September 2017

Army Photographic Competition 2017

The Army has launched a new mission, called Operation Camera. In its sights is anyone with a potentially winning photo of the British Army.
"Op Camera”, as soldiers call it, is a new category in the annual Army Photographic Competition, which has previously not been open to the public.“We’ve got great photographers in the Army,” said Command Master Photographer, “but we realised that lots of other people have fabulous photos of what we do, including members of the public and our colleagues in the Royal Navy and the RAF.
“This year we’re inviting everyone to enter. It’s your army, so let’s see the great pictures you’ve got.”
The Army has also created a special new category for cadet organisations. Called “Cadet Life”, it is open to all young people in the Army Cadet Force or any section of the Combined Cadet Force.

“Cadet Life is a brilliant opportunity to show life in the cadets from a cadet’s point of view”.
“Everyone seems to have cameras on their phones these days, so the big question is: ‘Have you taken – or can you get out and take - any good photos with a British Army theme?’ ”
In both categories, judges will be looking for high quality photographs that can be used to promote the Army across traditional and social media channels.
Running for more than 20 years, many of the entries have traditionally come from trained Army photographers from the Royal Logistic Corps.
“The advantage our photographers have is that, as soldiers first, they deploy on operations with other soldiers to capture life on front lines and training areas around the world”.
“They are the eyes of the Army and capture and share an unrivalled view of Army life right at the heart of the action.
“But they can’t be everywhere, and we know lots of people take good photos of soldiers and what they do – and we’d love to see them.”
Other categories in the Army Photographic Competition – including video, for social media - remain open to any Regular Army and Army Reserve personnel, as well as cadets including the Army’s University Officer Training Corps. Ministry of Defence civilians who work directly for the Army can also enter.
“We’re also asking the public to vote for their favourite picture,” “If you follow the Army channels on Facebook and Instagram you’ll be able take part”.
Closing date for entries is Wednesday 27th September 2017, with full details at:

National Employment & Careers Fair @ Catterick - 23rd November 2017

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CivvyStreet Jobs Board

In response to feedback from registered users, CivvyStreet has launched a dedicated Jobs Board for the Ex-Service community. provides enhancements to the jobs board within the main CivvyStreet site and makes it easier to search for jobs that match your needs. Further enhancements are to follow and many more employers are registering with lots more vacancies.

This month, CivvyStreet registered employers have posted 300+ new jobs already. These are jobs that employers would specifically like to recruit candidates from the Service community.

Please CLICK HERE to access many great job vacancies up on the CivvyStreet jobs board.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Forces TV On Freeview


·        New, exclusive and powerful behind-the-scenes military documentaries Warrior Women: Making US Marines and In Kabul: Britain’s Military in Afghanistan

·        Cult classics Knight Rider and Street Hawk return to our screens

·        Plus, military favourites including Hogan’s Heroes and Goodnight Sweetheart

This October, Forces TV, the home of entertainment and military life, releases a host of new programmes, to mark its launch on Freeview channel 96.

The new schedule will combine Forces TV’s unique blend of military and action-themed drama, comedy and factual programming, with news about UK Forces.

New Factual Shows

Forces Stories: a brand new series of factual military programmes which delve into military life and the Armed Forces.

This series starts with In Kabul: Britain’s Military in Afghanistan, a half-hour documentary which takes an in-depth look at the current presence of the British Armed Forces in Kabul, to train, advise and assist the Afghanistan national defence and security forces. Airs, Tuesday 17th October at 6pm.

Warrior Women: Making US Marines, is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the training of women in the United States Marines.  At a time when gender equality is never out the news, Warrior Women: Making US Marines takes a detailed look at the treatment of women in the US Marines training process. Airs, Tuesday 24th October at 6pm.

Poacher Patrol, follows the work of UK Armed Forces veterans in the frontline, training the new female patrols at war with lethal poachers in South Africa’s game reserves teams. Airs Tuesday 31st October at 6pm.

New Entertainment

With reports that a new Knight Rider series is in the works…what better time to bring the original cult programme back on our screens and witness Michael Knight, (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch) fighting for justice alongside his super powered, intelligent souped-up Pontiac Trans-Am KITT, voiced by William Daniels (The Graduate). Knight Rider series 1 starts from Tuesday 17th October at 10pm.

Forces TV continues to salute the 80s and provide a solid dose of customary overdone hairdos and excessive outfits, with the return of Street Hawk. This high action classic, sees desk-bound cop Jessie Mach (Rex Smith) secretly fight crime as the test pilot for a prototype combat motorcycle. If that’s not enough to get you excited then look out for a very young, future Oscar winner George Clooney sporting poofed-up hair and a medallion in episode 2. Street Hawk, series 1 starts from Friday 20th October at 10pm.

Plus, Forces TV favourite classics including Hogan’s Heroes (series 1-6 double episodes, daily at 8pm) and Goodnight Sweetheart (double episodes daily, at 4pm) will continue to feature in the new schedule.

Forces TV will also be showing two additional home-grown entertainment shows. Rated: Gaming and Movies with Cassidy Little (starts Thursday 19th October at 6pm) is presented by Cassidy, the fast-talking former Royal Marine medic who lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2011 and danced his way to become The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief.  This review show allows him to indulge his twin passions for video games and movies. And Forces 360, a brand new weekly topical show which gets under the skin of current UK military operations, training and technology, as well as telling remarkable and inspiring stories about the bravest and most brilliant of the UK’s military men and women, past and present. Starts Monday 16th October at 6pm.  

Forces TV’s UK and international news teams will also continue to deliver unique coverage of the work of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force on its flagship programme Forces News, daily at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Aldergrove HIVE Holiday Closure 14th - 22nd Sep

Visit Belfast Festival Fever

Discover Belfast this Autumn as the city comes alive with unmissable events and festivals. You'll be spoilt for choice with a plethora of local and international performers in theatre, art, music, comedy and film.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Worried About Your Child's Online Safety?

With the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your 
child is staying safe?

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