Monday, 5 June 2017

Holywood - MOD Police June Bulletin

School Run

I am receiving reports that there are some drivers who have children in their vehicles that are still not appropriately seated and secured within the vehicles.  The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any passengers under 14 years of age in the vehicle, if the child is not seated and secured properly within the vehicle and you are caught by the Police, the bottom line is that you will be prosecuted, be warned.  If you are unsure of the law regarding seatbelts in vehicle please visit this website or come and see me in the Police office and I will advise you accordingly. 

Disabled Car Parking
There is no parking allowed in disabled car parking bays within Palace Barracks unless the owner of the vehicle is entitled to hold and display a Disabled car parking badge.  Failure to comply with these instructions will result in further action being taken.

Driving without Due Care and Attention
The standard of driving and lack of discipline in general within Palace Barracks is becoming an issue, drivers are clearly ignoring road sign’s, speed limits as well as parking on pavements.  Let me remind all personnel in Palace Barracks, no matter where you work on this site, you must comply with all road signs, speed limits and parking requirements, I will enforce this to the limit.  
All dog owners in Palace Barracks, please note that Dog Wardens in Northern Ireland have the following legislation to deal with dogs inside and outside this camp, they are:
Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011, Part 5, Dogs.

  1.   Dog control orders
  2.   Fixed penalty notices
  3.   Supplementary (Byelaws and Powers)

Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983.
  1.   Enforceable issues such as Licensing (includes chipping, cannot licence without a chip) 
  2.   Dog attacks, (people, other animals, private and public)
  3.   Dog attacks on live stock
  4.   Stray dogs
  5.   Dog fouling
  6.   Animal welfare, i.e. neglect
  7.   Dog barking complaints
Please make sure that you keep your dogs on a lead when walking in camp, keep dogs off the Rugby and Football pitches at all times.    
Summer Time
The 1st of June is officially the first day of summer and it is nearly time for the school holidays.  Please be reminded that Palace Barracks is an operational establishment and there are many vehicles on the roads at all times of the day and night.  I ask that all parents remind their children of road safety on camp and request that they do not leave toys or pedal cycles lying around the camp, especially on roads.

Constable Willie Burns
Telephone:  02890 420344
Mobile:  07884 491324

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